Monday, April 7, 2008

The Most Extraordinary French Lemon Cream Tart

My first recipe with the group "Tuesdays with Dorie". It was a challenge from the start, and the end result was completely worth it!

The crust was not coming together as what the book had stated. Mine looked like sand with a few clumps, but I went ahead and pressed it into the buttered tart pan, froze it for a couple of hours then baked it. Wow, it looked like the tart shells I see in the stores!
Well, close anyway. :o)
Now it was time for the Lemon cream curd. I found my bowl and added all the ingredients, whisked and whisked and whisked and hmm, it's past the 10 minute mark, still only 140 degrees on the instant read thermometer. Okay, well, whisk and whisk and whisking ..........another 10 minutes and it's now 150 degrees if I put the thermometer all the way down to touch the bottom, did I mention I had to add another bowl of hot water to the pan. At this point there are trails behind the whisk and it is thicker. I gave it another 5 minutes then strained it into the bowl of my trusty cuisnart and it was already at proper temp to add butter (it already was at proper temp coming right out of the bowl) I whirred the butter and then it was lemon dream on a spoon and in everyone else's mouths for the taste test. Passed! Okay, into the fridge. I only chilled it about 3 hours and it was very thick. I assembled the tart and served. It was amazing! Everyone loved it, the perfect tart with the perfect sweetness,and the crust was like sweet shortbread. Yum :o)


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